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Sustainable Living Systems is a non-profit organization that was formed to demonstrate and teach a way of living where our impact (or footprint) on the Earth's ecosystems is minimized.  Our understanding of the forces of corporate globalization has led us to focus on the most pertinent action that we can take to counter those build a local economy and we understand that a local food system is the key to a local economy...thus, our primary focus is to build a Local Food System here where we live. [Definition of local economy = when products are both produced and consumed locally. For sure, we also need to produce our own energy.]

We also teach about and demonstrate eco-design shelters and organize a Green Home Tour every year.

Enews: We offer a monthly newsletter (via email) covering events and food related issues. To sign up email:  or call/text:  360-1751

Here is our Producers' Directory where you can find your local farmers and get fresh, local food.

Our 7-Point Plan for Building a Local Food System with Accomplishments to the Plan,
Mindful Eating Articles by Jill are posted here: Local Food System.

In May of 2020 SLS joined forces with the Bitterroot Climate Action Group and formed a new board of directors...see Who We Are. Visit the very nice and informative BCAG website and sign up for their newsletter to stay informed about coming events.

Donate to SLS and help us build a local food system and build resilience in the valley.Donations



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 The SLS office is right behind Victor, Montana in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley, surrounded by an organic produce farm.       For more information or questions about our programs, 


email:   or call/text:   360-1751

Sustainable Living Systems
P.O. Box 53

Victor, Mt.   59875

(406) 360-1751 (office: Jill ) 

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